Expert Panel: Brake Emissions - a Worldwide Challenge

Session Chairs:

Mr. Harald Abendroth
EuroBrake 2017 Chairman



Prof. Yannick Desplanques
Centrale Lille



Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gramstat, NVH Project Engineer, AUDI AG
Mr. Theodoros Grigoratos, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Dr. Hiroyuki Hagino, Senior Researcher, Japan Automobile Research Institute
Dr. Marcel Mathissen, Environment & Health, Ford
Dr. Hans-Guenther Paul, Senior Advisor Friction Materials, Akebono Europe
Prof. Dr. Georg Ostermeyer, Head of Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Mr. Agusti Sin, Product & Process Innovation Manager, ITT Italia

Environmental concerns are increasingly relevant in the automotive mobility industry. Although there is in-depth knowledge on problems surrounding nanoparticles and thermal conversion of organic materials, this session will explore brake emissions including:

  • The ongoing activities to develop test procedures and test set ups – linked problems and root causes
  • Brake emissions strongly depend on friction couples – pad material and counterpart – as well load history and load conditions. Knowledge of representative load profiles is crucial for development and evaluation of environmental hazards; heavy focus on extreme situations may mislead research and development
  • Generation wear debris in the boundary layer; parameters influencing size, quantity and chemistry; pull-out wear debris from the contact area
  • Chemical analysis of various particle size emissions and related implications
  • Investigating the dynamics of brake emissions – propagation, their reach and dilution
  • An estimation of how brake emissions contribute to overall pollution
  • By using hybrid or electric vehicles, the load to a brake is significantly reduced. How fast will their market share grow and will this lead to a noticeable reduction of overall brake emissions? Considerations will also include electric braking for rail systems
  • Other relevant research from this sector
  • Schedule concerning propositions to make brake emissions part of product specifications and legal regulations
  • Global cooperation and harmonization surrounding braking technology will also be explored

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